How My Mentor Changed My Life

It was the beginning of the year 2019. I was working alone in my office. Getting the performer of the year award was no longer a charm for me.

As I saw the red blink of the computer right in front of me, I was struck with the dilemma of living a comfortable life with my day job or adding meaning to it by taking the leap of faith for my entrepreneurship dream just for one more time. The scene of the “M S Dhoni” movie where he faced similar kind of conundrum when the train was passing by at Kharagpur Railway Station rolled in front of me like a flashback in the midst of typing the sales letter to a prospect lead. I was thinking to myself, “I never get these sort of vague ideas in the middle of work.” I composed myself and chose duty over the desire that night. But the seed of decision was implanted in my mind at that moment.

Even after failing in 2 businesses, I couldn’t sleep that night. I sought an answer to the universe to show me the right way this time. I was not in any condition to handle another financial loss again.

The next morning, I was even struggling to open my laptop for work. When I was scrolling down through my LinkedIn chat-box in hope of some leads’ response, I stumbled upon a 3-day training seminar, #PACE from Rajiv Talreja, India’s leading Business Coach and global speaker. I registered for this event, although I didn’t have have the event fees to pay and I knew Rajiv only from his TEDx talk. But I knew in my gut I need to attend it.

The 3-day event was overwhelming but I learned a lot after interacting with the number of serial entrepreneurs including Rajiv. Most of the things were a bouncer for me at that time, but I think I can never forget what Rajiv said at the end of the program. He said, “Your environment is stronger than you. You need to get a mentor. Someone who has walked the talked and has his thoughts, words, and action in sync. You can work with me or choose someone else but get a mentor for sure.” That was my biggest takeaway. To find a mentor.

It was not easy for me to find someone whom I can resonate with. But in a few months, the universe answered my request and I was both lucky and blessed to find my mentor. He hand-held me and taught me what was missing in my first 2 failed startups.

What I learned from my mentor transformed my business and most importantly, I started loving myself more than ever. Here are a few golden nuggets I would like to share with you all:

1. There is nothing like “getting rich quick”

2. Everyone has a different path of evolution

3. You cannot compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 21

4. Shortcuts will only give you short term results

5. Focus is your most valuable asset

6. Don’t be cheap on your way to greatness

I always try to vocalize my lessons to my tribe. It helps me build a culture and create a community of people who resonate at the same frequency.

Yes! Success will come.

Overnight success comes when you have enough of sleepless nights working on yourself.

Do you resonate with my story? Were you able to find your mentor? Comment below.

Published By Vivek Sharma (The Sales Wizard)

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On a mission to help 100,000 coaches to accelerate their sales using the power of automation

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Vivek Sharma — The Sales Accelerator

Vivek Sharma — The Sales Accelerator

On a mission to help 100,000 coaches to accelerate their sales using the power of automation

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