3 Easy Steps To Overcome Victim Syndrome Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is about solving the crisis and helping people. It is not about looking for a resort when things get hideous. Nor it is a rescue plan for people who are getting unemployed during this pandemic.

I have been reading about forced entrepreneurship and how 47 Million job loses is rendering people to become an entrepreneur.

Let me tell you one thing. Entrepreneurs have this amazing realization of making the world a better place with their service mindset and if you are planning to be a part of this tribe, there is nothing like it. But how would you rewire your mindset in the time of crisis?

Remember the golden rule of mindset: E+R=O, where E stands for “Event,” R for “Response” and O for “Outcome.” Notice I have mentioned R for “Response” not “Reaction.” There is a subtle difference between the two. The response is like you choosing your better half when tons of other matches were available. The reaction is a situation where only one opposite sex is alive during a pandemic. :)

Look I’m with you during this time and at your service if you wish to serve your market by owning a business. I just don’t like the term “Forced Entrepreneurship” or “Victim Syndrome Entrepreneurship” as we are calling it. You can’t serve your audience with a lack-mindset. You need to see the positive side of life (yes there is always one) and have an abundance mindset.

You must respond to this uncontrollable situation by leveraging your present skills rather than reacting to what’s left in your bucket. You don’t need to be an expert mindfulness coach or require a long time to rework on your mindset. You just need to understand the reality of an entrepreneurial mindset and let go of all thoughts of scarcity that force you to play this victim card. No matter what happens in the outside world, you have the power and connection to sailing through it.

Adversity is the mother of invention. Some of the greatest ideas and discoveries were made in extreme situations. If I wouldn’t have a cervical problem back in my corporate days, I wouldn’t be giving you this value right now. Instead watching some Netflix shows to be very honest.

Below are 3 simple actionable steps you can apply to get that breakthrough:

STEP 1# Pick a Niche

Without brainstorming and going into the state of analysis paralysis, pick a market you have knowledge about or you are passionate about. Just keep in mind one point, your niche market must be one of the top 3 money-making markets online-health, make money or relationships. Check out my this blog to narrow down your niche and unique positioning.

STEP 2# Identify Your Market Problem

This one is most crucial yet mostly overlooked by many digital entrepreneurs. Pick a market problem that either no one is focusing upon or even if there is a solution for that problem, you can fine-tune it and give additional value on top of what’s already available. Remember, every solution creates a new problem. Mobile is a great invention to connect people from a remote distance but “Phantom pocket vibration syndrome” isn’t fun either. Check out this blog post to know mobile phone disadvantages.

Credit: https://listsurge.com

STEP 3# Acquire Skills To Solve The Problem

Following are the primary skills every digital marketer must have:

  1. Market Research
  2. Content creation
  3. Offer creation
  4. Funnel building
  5. Lead generation
  6. Salesmanship

I understand this time is tough for you. Trust me you are not alone in this. Believe in yourself and smash your market with the right abundance mindset. Make a daily ritual of repeating this line as you travel your new journey of freedom and wealth:

“I’m destined for greatness. Success is my responsibility. I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO.”



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